Whalen Truck Scale

Save Time, Improve Accuracy

The Whalen Truck Scale is custom-built and programmed at the factory. In addition to the increased load added, it will display the empty weight of the tractor and trailer.


Get accurate weights within 1% on a 80,000 pound load!

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Hillsboro, ND


Cell: (701) 636-4524
  • For air ride trailers only.
  • Accounts for differences in the densities of grains, so that the weights are more accurate.
  • Used on grain and liquid tanker trailers.

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The scale enclosure is protected by an outer aluminum shield, the unit has an on/off power switch and can be calibrated easily, and the scale enclosure polycarbonate, rust-resistant, and waterproof. The scale is 12v-dc and has an electrical wire supply that is tied into the running lights.

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