Total Control!

At Total Ag Industries, you get total control! Total control over your crops, your business, your future.

We are an innovator in agriculture. We have built Total Ag from the ground up in the rich Red River Valley soil of North Dakota and grown it to be a regional leader in agriculture. We started assembling machinery for area farm equipment dealers. Since then, we have been an innovator, providing services and products that are needed in agriculture today.

At Total Ag Industries, we are farmers, we sell seed, and we set up equipment. Our fully-customized fertilizer systems are tailored to your operation for total control in the field. Total control means better yields, less waste, and more profit!

In the complex world of agriculture, your best bet is total control from Total Ag Industries!

The latest from Total Ag

Introducing LED light kits for your sprayer boom. Ensure that your sprayer nozzles are working, even when you can't see them in natural light. Check them out on the video below!

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