Magnojet Total Coverage Triple Fan Nozzle

$13.95 $12.56

The perfect sprayer nozzle for total coverage with herbicide, insecticide and fungicide.


Excellent Use for:

  • Herbicide
  • Insecticide
  • Fungicide


• Made with 99% alumina ceramic, the strongest material available in sprayer technology.
• Exceptional wear resistance to all types of chemicals and excellent flow rate precision.
• The nozzle has 80° or 110° flat fan pattern angles.
• Air induction spray nozzle (Venturi aspiration system)


  • Longest Lasting

  • Fast & Easy Cleaning

  • Precise & Accurate Target Application

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Additional information


Nozzle code M910 (Yellow) from the AIDA-T-CHART2 document:


Nozzle code M911 (Purple) from the AIDA-T-CHART2 document:


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