Magnojet Low Drift Dicamba Nozzle

$14.95 $13.95


The most technically advanced spray nozzle for Dicamba
on the market today with the lowest drift available!

Excellent Use for:

  • Dicamba
  • Pre-Emergent
  • Glysophate
  • Other Herbicides

•Made from 99% alumina ceramic, the strongest material available in sprayer technology.
•110° angle for producing ultra coarse class droplets
•Mínimum pressure 30 PSI up to 90 PSI with ultra coarse class droplets
• Developed for attending EPA-USA protocols, aiming the use of Dicamba and 2,4-D molecules;
• Developed with the approval of drift risk assessment agencies
• Able for applying Dicamba, 2,4-D, pre-emergence herbicides, desiccants
• Designed to provide less than 1/2% drift risk potential
• Produces extremely large drops preventing the drift in areas subjected to winds


Longest lasting.
Accurate Target Application Saves You Money!
Fast & Easy Cleaning.

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