The road to better soil health

As a producer you know your crop is only as good as your soil. When things go awry, whether with nutrient profile or soil structure it is often due to high salt densities and as a result yields suffer. Area producers are finding a new product, Calcine®, to be particularly helpful in getting productivity in these fields back in the green. “We are about one to one and a half leaves further ahead and our stand counts are probably four or five beets more per 100 feet of row, which is tremendous,” said Gary Wagner, a local farmer. “We also saw plants are growing faster and healthier. Those things are giving us encouragement.” Just a year earlier Wagner was facing high salt levels in several of his fields, which was inhibiting growth of his crops. Conversations with his distributor, Jim Erickson, led him to a unique solution. “Calcine® is a mix of proteins, enzymes and natural acids that releases calcium from the soil matrix so it can help leach salt from the soil, which can significantly improve soil health and production,” Larry Mohr, developer of Calcine® said. “It’s been successfully used for more than 20 years in the golf industry. We’re excited to see it helping producers in the Midwest.

Gary Wagner, a local farmer.

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