Custom Built Fertilizer Systems

Total Ag’s Custom Built Fertilizer Systems are the crown jewels of our lineup. Providing complete control of your fertilizer application and built with genuine CDS-John Blue parts (visit CDS-John Blue here). Total Ag’s field-tested design allows precise and accurate application in your fields for better yields.

Total Ag Custom Built Fertilizer Systems come in two base versions:

Total Ag systems come with a fully-customized fill system and the Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Fertilizer System works with John Deere 2600 GS2 and 2630 GS3 displays for real-time feedback and complete fertilizer monitoring.

In low light conditions, lights behind optional sight glasses allow the driver to see that the system is working properly. An easy-to-use remote makes priming and winterizing easy.

If you would like more information about a custom built fertilizer system specific to your needs, please contact us using our dedicated form here.